How to Get Good Marks in Engineering Exams (Things to Avoid & Must Do)

How to Get Good Marks in Engineering Exams

Well engineering student should be more focused toward practical, but with practical knowledge good marks in you mark sheet will add extra star to your shoulders. There for here we have shared some of the basic but important tips. Which every engineering student must take care while writing the exam.

These tips are about adding some of the basic necessary points ( which get extra marks ) and some basic things which you should avoid while writing your engineering exam.

How to Get Good Marks in Engineering Exams

Here First we have discuss the important things which every engineering student should avaoid and then we have listed out some points which makes you to achive some extra marks.

Basic & important things to avoid while writing engineering exams

Control on your writing width : The meaning of this point is that every body says attempt those question first, In which you feel most comfortable. Most of the student follow this approach and start writing the question with complete details, which takes extra time for that same question.There for this thing should be avoided during the examination, attempt those question which you thing easy for you and you know the answer but be vary careful about your time during the exam.

Present it clean : well student should avoid doing cutting during the exam and to make it clean and focus on presentation. But lets say you write something wrong and you need to cut it to write correct one word. Then for that you can simply make a single line to cut it like this one “wrong word” and continue further.

Basic & important things to Do while writing engineering exams

Manage your time during exam : Your time is a most important part during the exam. There for you should take care about the time and divide you three hours into three slots and monitor your performance in every slot. This will help you to attempt full question paper within the given time.

Draw Clear diagram : If you are attempting some question which may include or can be elaborated with the help of diagram then you should draw the diagram with proper labeling, because that is what gets you some extra point in the exam.

Focus on point-to-point answer : Try to avoid writing some story like things in exam and make your answer upto the point dedicated to question.

These are some important topic which you must take care while writing your engineering exam to get good marks. Although you should avoid blank pages in your answer sheet and write proper question number.

I hope these point will help you to get some knowledge about what things should leave or what are necessary to do in engineering exam for good marks.

Consider these points and do well in your exams and stay connected with examonlineform for more updates.

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